Well it’s been two months and I am great! Honestly the time has been flying by and all though I do miss Mexican food, my family and friends, and especially Kash.. I haven’t really experienced much homesickness. I plan on staying for as long as I said I would and probably a few months longer. Now that, that’s out of the way I am sure my friends and family would like to know what my days are consisting of so far.. Luckily, I love change and just about every day is different. A more structured day I have had so far looks like this,

8:25 coffee then walk Lexie to school
8:45-11:30 sleep/run/yoga/watch Netflix/stare at my phone
11:30 pick up Lexie
12:00 lunch/drawing/painting/dancing
12:45-13:30 get Lexie to nap/read
15:00 cartoons till she is energetic again/reading subtitles
16:00 snack
16:30 physical activity of some sort, i.e. walk, park, scooter, jumping on my bed, running in circles
19:00 Helene is home and we all have dinner together

Alex is a pilot so he is home often (and sometimes never) which means he will pick Lexie up so I can sleep sometimes, or he’ll leave halfway through the day. It really varies day to day. Alexie is a typical three year old girl, she loves the word no, princesses, dressing up as princesses, eating my food and she says the funniest things. I only get to hear them when someone is translating for me, they laugh really hard and I always have to ask. My favorite activity we do together is dance and sing! She understands English decently, but cannot speak much. Let’s just say I would probably place bets on a charades game.
I have decided to pursue something in the tourism business. Unfortunately a business degree in tourism does not exist so I have a variety of degrees to choose from in the hopes of success in the industry. Not only that but I also have to make a decision about where I want to pursue it. It is likely that this degree would mean I will not be living in Wichita after my studies.. So I could stay near my family and leave during the summer for internships or create a life in another state that has a better tourism program and more jobs available. I will spend the next year weighing my options and thinking about what suits me best! Opinions and advice will be taken, but we all know how well I listened to that when I made the decision to leave for France.
Luckily, this has pushed me to try harder to learn more French! Now I write in a journal every night in French, listen to conversations and try hard to pick up a few words everyday.. also using duolingo. I decided that instead of staying up all night watching Harry Potter and Brooklyn 99, I could use that time for studying… My sleeping habits have benefitted from this.
Well, there’s your update..
Miss You!


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