There I was, poised with a sword in one hand staring in the eyes of my competitor. I started to think about all of the cool moves from Game of Thrones I knew. Suddenly, we felt the presense of another human being and our swords became brooms. We paused for just a few moments and our brooms became swords again. This abruptly reverted when Alex realized it would not be long before we broke something. It’s moments  like this when I start to think about the games I enjoyed when I was a child. Our games were riddled with fear, danger and destruction.

One game I loved the most was hide and seek, in the dark of course. Honestly, I found it most frightening to be the one looking for people. It changed the game because in the light you wouldn’t mind being found because seeking is fun, but not in this version. We used the entire downstairs, we would turn on creepy background noise and everything. Genuinely not wanting to be found made the hiding spots more elite and the tactics more extreme. My sister had a wonderful tactic of making hilarious sounds that would either make us laugh and give us away or make her less scared.

One of our most destructive games I look back on and just wonder “What the hell was wrong with us?” We were at a family gathering and we took the silverwear into one of the conference rooms. About 10-15 of us, cousins and all turned off the lights and started throwing and sliding spoons across the table? Essentially dodgeball in the dark but with metal spoons. Until one of us (me) got nailed in the eye. I remember right before it happened I actually stood all the way up to throw a spoon full force across the room. At the same time I heard it hit the wall, I got nailed in the face.

I had three black eyes by the time I was 7 and I would not take back a single one of them. (not even the one that left a scar on my eyebrow) I don’t plan on playing spoon dodgeball in the dark with Lexi anytime soon but getting carried away during playtime gets me a little sentimental about the memories I have from my childhood. I just hope that I can give her a few good ones!

For anyone who cares, I got a little bored writing travel stories! I think I want to keep some to save for the in person stories.. But, I’m sure I will end up going back to it!


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