Deciding to change families felt a bit like defeat for me. I was just in a mindset of *it’s only temporary and the hard work will be worth it* as if I was climbing a mountain or something? Honestly it never felt like it was going up though. It felt more like I was rolling down… I just couldn’t put that into words, nobody really understood. I made the decision to go against what everybody else said and follow what I thought was best for myself, it felt good. It reminded me of the feeling I had when I chose to come here in the first place. I guess becoming an adult is all about trusting your decision, because only I know what makes me happy.

When I told them I wanted to leave it just stumbled out of my mouth, like the words just toppled over each other, and it instantly felt like a ton of bricks fell off my shoulders. I started to search families, this time putting in the work and planning 6 facetimes in one day. This time I sat down and slept on it for a few days. I felt as if I knew which one, but the timing seemed all wrong. I decided to roll the dice anyways because it just felt right. It’s been a month and I finally feel like part of a family again. I’ve meshed so well with my German family, and there is so much good but for the sake of privacy and respect for both families I’ll just have to save writing down all the differences!

The main issue is that I have arranged for a two month backpack around Europe, that will be starting in June! (I know, so exciting, it’s actually all I think about.) They already have another aupair planned to come in May! I spent the last month feverishly looking for something I MEAN ANYTHING, aupairing, wwoofing, couchsurfing, or even working at a hostel! Eventually I came out with four wwoofing offers. Good thing too because I was on the website for probably 3 hours.

The farm that I really wanted from the very beginning offered me a job! It felt like it was going to be such an easy decision. I changed the heading on this particular email so that I knew it was one I wanted. I continued to read the other emails anyways. Two just didn’t fit well, and one that was so off the wall and out of nowhere that I could not have been prepared for it. This one, is in a monastery. It immediately peaked my curiosity…. I started to read on, vegetarian? *oh no way, I can’t* Eight hour days, and six days a week.. I have to be in the gates of the monastery every day, at 8PM. Skirts below the knee, no exceptions. NO CELL PHONE.

The very idea of this seemed insane to me, but I still could not get it off my mind. I started to wonder if I would be able to handle it. What would happen if I went for just a wee 25 days? I mean would I get so exhausted and bored that I just leave and become a beach bum? I just grew so curious that I took two days to sleep on it. I always said I didn’t want to be that person that always thinks about “what if..” * inserts “I went to work at that monastery” * Soooo I’m going to spend the month of May in a monastery, in GREECE.

I wish I could put into words how amazingly everything has fell together. How finding the right family, the right wwoof experience, the right timing for the backpack has worked out. I even bought my plane ticket home today! Not only that but I decided I will be spending the next two years in Washburn pursuing an international business degree. So yeah, I’m a woman with a plan for once.


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